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Kamra privata ġewwa Abu Tisht
home with garden
i traveled more than 25 countries during my work, and I met many friends from all over the world so it'd be my pleasure to welcome my guests. the house is located in the North part of Qena exactly in abo tisht city, the place is 1 KM of the railway station, 22 KM to abedos temple, 19 KM to the sugar factory, 24 KM to the aluminium factory, and 80 KM to dandera temple and Qena governorate. the house is located in my own block of appartment in the ground floor and surrounded by my private garden.
Host Individwali
Unità tal-kiri ġewwa Qena
1 bedroom apartment
Lovely comfy clean 1 bedroom apartment in New Qena the 4th floor with no elevator, it has a second room but has only 1 mat and a fan, available upon request, the good thing about the flat that it it has a pull up bar, yoga mat, and grips for push ups so if you’re a gymnastic you wouldn’t lose the beat, and a sound system, please take into consideration that I don’t provide toilet paper but we have only bidet shower or shatafa. There’s a bus for 4 EGP to anyplace.
Host Individwali
Unità tal-kiri ġewwa Al Kabsh
British standard flat in Suhag
Make some memories at this unique and family-friendly place. Central location, European standard for Embassy or UN staff or foreigners or those used to luxurious life at affordable rate. Luxury in all aspect, double glazing, fully equipped kitchen, marble floor, dishwasher, washing machine, gas cooker, 5 AC( hot/cold), secure location, …etc
Host Individwali

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Kamra privata ġewwa قسم قنا
close to city center
Kamra privata ġewwa Tama
مكان خلاب بين الطبيعة والجبال ومقابر قاو الاثرية
Host Individwali
Kamra privata ġewwa Al Kabsh
Egyptian countryside
Host Individwali
Kamra privata ġewwa Qena
شقه شتويه رائعه
Host Individwali
Kamra privata ġewwa Monshaat Bardis
خدمه خاصه
Unità tal-kiri ġewwa Cairo
Cleopatra’s Nest - Sheikh Zayed
Host Professjonali
Kamra privata ġewwa As Samarnah
بيت عائلي مبهج يحترم خصوصية الآخرين استمتع باقامتك
Host Individwali
Kamra privata ġewwa Qism Qena
شقه جميله ومريحه ومحاطه بجميع الخدمات
Host Individwali
Kamra privata ġewwa Qena Governorate
الشقة فى مكان هادى جدا مع امكانية توفير سيارة خاصه
Kamra maqsuma mal-oħrajn ġewwa Qism Qena
شقه طلبه بالمساكن أمام الجامعه ٥ أشخاص
Kamra privata ġewwa Qism Qena
شقه شتويه ممتازه
Host Individwali

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